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Brian A. Ormsbee (WHO's son) for designing and developing WHO's first website IN RETROSPECT (launched December 1999 and replaced by this website) and for designing some of the graphics used on this site, as noted in those sections where used, and also for providing continuing advice.  

Political Science Quarterly (www.psqonline.org) -- particularly Loren Morales (Business Manager of The Academy of Political Science, Political Science Quarterly, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1274, New York, NY 10115-1274, Tel: 212-870-2500, Fax: 212-870-2202, APS@psqonline.org) for granting WHO permission March 24, 2000, to reprint on his initial IN RETROSPECT site (replaced by WHO's SCROLL site) the article  Panama Invasion Revisited:  Lessons for the Use of Force in the Post Cold War Era by Eytan Gilboa in Political Science Quarterly (Volume 110, Number 4, p.539), ©  Political Science Quarterly, 1995.

Louise (Lee) Ormsbee (daughter in law of Francis Edward Ormsbee, Jr., who was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1918) and Sally Savoia (Frank Ormsbee's niece - daughter of Sally Ormsbee Wall, Frank's younger sister) who graciously provided WHO some insights on Frank Ormsbee in e-mail correspondence. Otherwise, little information on Frank Ormsbee appears to be readily available. Also thanks to Julius Grigore, Jr. (U.S. Navy Captain, Retired) for providing WHO initial information and photo on Frank Ormsbee as an Air Mail Service pilot for Pan America Airways as well as names of other Medal of Honor recipients also associated with the Air Mail Service to Latin America in the 1920s, including Charles Lindberg, or otherwise had some connection to Panama. Grigore's asking WHO if he is any relation to Frank Ormsbee sparked WHO's efforts to determine if it is so.  Nothing definitive yet, but still an interesting story and it dispelled WHO's long-held thought that he was the first Ormsbee in Panama (living there since 1974).   Thanks to their contributions, the page on him adds some dimension on this Medal of Honor recipient beyond his Medal of Honor award citation available on the Home Of Heroes.com and related websites. Peter Hershfield, whom WHO has known in Panama (previously assigned to U.S. Southern Command at Quarry Heights) since the 1980s, for putting WHO in touch with Louise Ormsbee whom he knows.  

Interceanic Region Authority (Autoridad Regional Interoceanico, ARI) -- namely José Miguel Guerra and  Gabriela de La Guardia (Information and Public Relations Directorate) for their responsiveness in answering many questions over the past five years and granting permission for using on this website several photos from ARI's website (www.ari.gob.pa/).  

Public Affairs Office of the Panama Canal Authority (Autoridad del Canal de Panama -- previously Panama Canal Commission until December 31, 1999) -- Fernán Molinos and Maricarmen Sarsanedas in the Public Affairs Office and Mercedes Morris (previously in the same office) for answering queries over time and granting WHO permission to use photos from ACP's website (www.acp.gob.pa/) and its El Faro newsletter, including the five photos on this site's home page of ships transiting the Canal locks and the Panama Canal Administration Building.   

U.S. Southern Command Public Affairs Directorate in Miami -- Arthur Merkel, Raul Duany, and Steve Lucas for answering questions over time and providing photos and fact sheets upon request.  

Eric Jackson, editor of The Panama News (www.thepanamanews.com), for granting WHO permission to use photos from his online newspaper, of course, giving credit to photographers.  This newspaper is an excellent source in English of current news and happenings in Panama or of general interest to folks in Panama, coming to Panama or wanting to keep in touch.

Allan Hawkins, of Panama City, Panama, for granting WHO permission to use his photos on this website and for contributing photos for this site.  Though taking photos for years as a hobby, after seeing WHO's IN RETROSPECT website he began taking photos in 2004 of the former U.S. military bases, particularly the old bunkers of the World War I fortifications on both sides of the isthmus.  Many of those photos will begin to appear on this website as associated sections are finished or revised and uploaded.  Also photos by Allen of other subjects (such as Panama City and other parts of Panama) will also be on this website.

Colin Creel and Bob Medingers, owners of Panama Vacation Quarters at Quarry Heights and Gamboa and the www.panamavacationquarters.com/ website (featuring Panama vacation quarters at those locations), for granting WHO permission to use some photos of Quarry Heights and Panama City from their site.

To the following for their personal remembrances of Quarry Heights of quite a few years ago: 

     James Carroll served in U.S. Army Military Police in Panama 1948-1950; in 1950 was assigned to the 516th Military Police at Quarry Heights.

     Barry V. Roach served in U.S. Army in Panama late 1960s (assigned to the United States Army Medical Research Unit (USAMRU), part of the Middle America Research Unit near Gorgas Hospital and was billeted in the barracks on the lower part of Quarry Heights.  In addition, he gave WHO permission to use his 1968 photo of that barracks building in WHO's website.

     Don DeStaffino served in U.S. Army 534th Military Police Company (Svc) at Fort Clayton 1962-1965, then with the Canal Zone Police 1965-1982.  A photo of him at the Quarry Heights gate is shown in the Quarry Heights-History section.

     Egon E. (Ed) Friedman served as Public Information Officer of the Southern Command's Public Affairs Directorate from 1964 to 1985 as a civilian after serving in the same office as an Army officer.  WHO succeeded him in May 1985.  

Miguel Lopez Piñeiro, of Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina complex at Flamenco Island, for granting WHO permission to use photos from their website (http://www.fuerteamador.com/index.html).  That complex includes, so far, Flamenco Shopping Plaza, Flamenco Yacht Club and Fuerte Amador Puerto de Cruceros (Fort Amador Cruise Ships Port).

To the following for their support in bringing back to life (of a sort) Rousseau which existed only some 20 years (first briefly as a Navy hospital then a housing area) on the bank of the Canal between Rodman Naval Station and the townsite of Cocoli:

     Dino Barkema for granting -- on behalf of Terry Stepp (son of T. A. Stepp) -- to WHO permission to use on this site some photos by T.A. Stepp, of Rousseau that are on Dino's website www.chagres.com, for providing WHO a map of Rousseau (hard to come by) for use on this site, and for putting WHO in contact with some former residents of Rousseau.  Dino's site is not only an excellent source of glimpses of history of the former Canal Zone, but also of a wide variety of aspects of Panama, the city, country, and culture.  (Those photos used on this site are from the T.A. Stepp Gallery - Volume B on Dino's site at http://www.chagres.com/Photos-B.htm.   The original copyright notice  associated with such photos remains in force, namely:  Mr. T. A. Stepp retains all rights to these images. Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden.  Copyright © 1998 T. A. Stepp.)  T.A. Stepp was the Area Administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration (renamed Federal Aviation Administration) during the era of Rousseau as a housing area.  Likewise, other photos on Dino's website are governed by at least his website being copyrighted as noted on his site:  "Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden. Copyright © 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Dino Barkema."

     Ned, John, and Mary Kennington for granting WHO permission to use some photos of Rousseau taken by their father Gregory Kennington in the late 1950s and for personal recollections.  Those photos used here are from the Gregory Kennington Photo Gallery - Album #NK-1 - on Dino's website at http://www.chagres.com/NK-1.html.   The original copyright notice associated with such photos remains in force, namely: Gregory Kennington retains all rights to these images. Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden.Copyright © 2000 Gregory Kennington.

      Larry Barkema and Nina Kosak for their recollections of life at Rousseau in the 1950s through 1961.

Anna Opel for providing WHO a CD of aerial photographs of Army installations photographed by Engineering Division of U.S. Army South in 1998 and 1999 and a copy of The Era of U.S. Army Installations in Panama. Compiled by History Office, Headquarters, U.S. Army South, Fort Clayton, Panama, January 1998.  Both have been invaluable for sections of this website

C. Douglas Sterner, owner and webmaster of Home of Heroes.com website (www.homeofheroes.com) for permission to use some items, including citations and photos, from his site of some Medal of Honor recipients for this website, beginning at http://william_h_ormsbee.tripod.com/moh_recipients_pan_p01.htm His excellent website is the most comprehensive source of information on all Medal of Honor recipients, whose stories are definitely worthy of being told and remembered.  


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